In despair about disparities

So, you’ve invited to the meeting, convening, conversation or whatever the hell  it’s being called this time – […]


To be real about resilience

I’ve listened to many keynote speakers, presenters and panelists talk about the importance of resiliency over the years […]


Do I do that?

I don’t want to be: A bitch A witch A person with a chip on my shoulder The […]

Books read in 2015

People who know me or who see me on my daily commutes know that I love to read. […]


This meeting needs an enema

“This town needs an enema,” the Joker’s character played by Jack Nicholson says  in a Batman movie.  He […]


You make me nervous 

You make me nervous.  No, I get nervous.  No, I let you make me nervous. Some people make […]