Negative attention feeds Trumps tantrums and ego 1

Like a young child who wants attention so badly that they will do bad or stupid stuff to get noticed like having a tantrum, Trump will bask in the fact that he has gotten the attention of the world – even if that attention is negative and against him. Negative […]

Don’t lose your power 4

If you don’t use your power, you’ll lose your power. You can lose it on all fronts: physical, mental, emotional, relational, and political. Pick up your power and use it. Move daily – walk, run, climb, bike, dance, swim, whatever but move it-move it! Pick up your power and use […]

We are all connected – Women’s March Boston 4

Participating in the  Women’s March in Boston on January 21, 2017, with the multitudes of people got me to thinking how we, as human beings, are all connected.  We are all connected – like it or not. In that multitude of people, I was surrounded at one time on all sides. […]

Listening to your first mind 6

This morning, I listened to my first mind, which actually spoke to me last night.  “Get up” it said.  “Get gas and go to the grocery store to pick up the few things you need, before your 10 o’clock meeting.” Saturday meeting (sigh), 10 am (dang), pending snow storm (sigh […]

Friends whose family I can’t meet – racists in the family 25

Turns out I have friends who have racists in the family. About 30 or so years ago, I worked with a vivacious and gregarious woman (White) at Boston City Hospital right before it became the Boston Medical Center.  She was moving from Dorchester to a house she had in South […]

Anyone but you (Trump) 3

Any place but here Anyone but you Any time ‘cept now Lord, please help me through. No place but here No one but you No time ‘cept now This is also true. by Candelaria Silva-Collins, November 9, 2016