Good Customer Service

Recently, I’ve had good customer service in a few places.  I used to experience good service so regularly […]

In fascination and in love

I have this habit – I fall in love with people regularly.  I find people fascinating.  I meet […]


Get an Effin’ Website

I first started drafting this post about a week and a half-ago.  Had Intended to post it sooner […]


Here’s to the hosts

Here’s to the hosts with the most, who open their homes, share their culinary (or food-ordering) prowess,  uncork […]


Millions of beautiful things

Always remember, no matter the headlines, there are millions of beautiful, joyful, peaceful, fun, and creative things going […]

Hidden 2

Hiding in plain view

It  is not unknown to me. I actually do know it.  I’ve been to that place, I’ve seen […]