Calendar Betrayal

The reminders pop up every day in my calendar. This meeting…that meeting. This event…that event. The words feel […]

A new place for thanks

For the first time in many, many years, I will not be cooking anything on Thanksgiving.  Even when […]


Howdy Partner

Howdy Partner/Becoming Partners The comedian Flip Wilson famously played a character, Geraldine on his comedy show. In one of […]

Tax Day – the IRS

Angie Stone proves once again that artists can make art out of anything,  even owning the I.R.S. Being […]

Apology Desired/Expected

There are some apologies from public figures that I desired and expected, perhaps stupidly.  I am glad that […]


High Anxiety

Just because you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean I tried to make you uncomfortable. Was it something I said?  […]