Grandchildren Underfoot and a Pig in the Cellar – writing journey

I had an essay published in the Boston Globe Sunday edition  last week.  The print title is “Two is company, three’s a crowd-pleaser.” The online title is Grandchildren Underfoot and a Pig in the Cellar.  It is about how my house has more than enough space for my husband and […]

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You make me nervous  4

You make me nervous.  No, I get nervous.  No, I let you make me nervous. Some people make me nervous.  Sometimes I’m nervous around them, every time I’m around them.  I am basically holding my breath in their presence. Other people make me nervous only when specific topics or actions […]

Soul food in Boston 12

Soul Food in Boston…not.  A recent article in the Boston Globe, Savoring a healthier, revitalized soul food by Peggy Hernandez bothered me a bit.  Not because I’m not interested in healthier soul food (I am and do) but because of the fact that only one local restaurant cited in the […]



Respite 2

Respite. Rest. Get-away. A break.  It was only a day and a half but I felt rejuvenated from the quick trip to (fill in the blank but this time it was Truro). The clear view to the ocean from my friend’s deck high in the hills surrounded by and looking […]

The Hustle – Gypsy vs Uber 4

Uber, smuber.  The idea of having private cars provide taxi service is not new.  Uber and other similar companies, have just  put some organization around the concept.  I remember gypsy cabs. Have you ever taken a gypsy cab?  Do you know what a gypsy cab is?   Did you know they […]

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Being pissed off – A love choice 4

Some posts are published quickly after being written. Others sit for days, weeks, or even months. Usually written in anger or hurt or in quick response to something, by the time I set them down and re-read them, the impetus for their creation has lost its urgency and the urge […]