Can I poet with you – W.H. Auden

Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden was made famous by the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, when one of the key characters mourns the unexpected death of his partner.  It turns out, the poem was written in a different milieu, which I will share at the end of this post. Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden Stop […]


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Can I Poet with You? – Lucille Clifton

It is downright unfair to pick a couple of poems from a prolific poet to represent them.  In each of my entries during my observation of Poetry Month, I pick one or two poems (or a few more in the case of Langston Hughes).  I cannot find my tattered paperback copies of two volumes by […]

Can I Poet with You? – Clarence Major

Clarence Major is a poet, novelist and painter. I have a tattered copy of Swallow the Lake, a volume of his poems that was published by Wesleyan University Press. ISOLATE by Clarence Major                              She knew more about me than let us […]


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Can I poet with you – Robert Frost

Lo and behold that some famous poems by well-heralded poets that I had to read for school, still speak to me. I didn’t understand the truth of the Road Not Taken when I first encountered it. Now, as someone who has gained some knowledge and experience from my years on earth, I would say that […]

Can I Poet with You – June Jordan

Eloquent and fiery, activist June Jordan remains one of my favorite poets although her output stopped when she passed in 2002.  There are so many poems I can choose but this quiet one is what I’ve decided to share.  It is quiet and vivid. Roman Poem Number Six by June Jordan You walk downstairs to see […]


May I poet with you – Al Young

Following is a favorite poem from “back in the day” that still touches me, thrills me reading it now. the song turning back into itself  2 A song for little children by Al Young Always it’s either A beginning or some end: the baby’s being born or its parents are dying, fading om like the […]

Can I poet with you? Langston Hughes 1

One of the poets I love the most is Langston Hughes.  I read his book, The Sweet Flypaper of Life,  when I was in high school.  IIt photos of the view from a Harlem woman’s window by Roy Decarava.  It was the first book I remember with photos of a family that I recognized. At […]

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Can I poet with you? 2

In honor of National Poetry Month (April) I will share poems that have touched me throughout the month. Following are the first two poems I remember being especially delighted by in high school.  They are  not the first poems I read but  both stuck with me because of their spare, elegant styles.  They were so […]

Meditation 6

Fifteen minutes today. A quiet place in the house – usually the sofa, blinds closed. I start out with the Lord’s Prayer taught to me when I was a little girl. I pray for health mercies, traveling mercies, peace-of-mind mercies, companionship mercies, finding a job mercies and so on for family and friends. Single word-concepts […]

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Positive Statistics about Black Men 2

I wonder if I should even bother with this post.  After all, the Black men I know personally are positive people.  Not only does this include my husband, son, brother, brother-in-law, uncles (unfortunately deceased), my late step-father, and a host of cousins but also friends, colleagues,  acquaintances and strangers. Still, the prevailing and loudly promoted […]

A Lyrical Life – Rose Marie McCoy 6

Reading obituaries on a regular basis introduces me to all sorts of people of local, national and international renown who have lived interesting/riveting/extraordinary lives. I have blogged about reading obituaries before (see link to post below).  I find them so instructive and inspiring that I read a book about obituaries, The Dead Beat: Lost Souls, […]


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Telling like it T-I-Is – Dr. Beverly Scott 6

Dr. Beverly Scott, who stunned Boston by announcing her resignation as General Manager of the Mass. Bay Transportation System or “The T” as we call it, is a refreshing public servant.  I tweeted on Monday about how much I liked her candor and the fact that she was not a political hack.  And then, on […]