Blind Auditions – One tool to end discrimination in classical music at least

My mother is an article clipper and sharer, a practice she passed along to me.  We send articles and cartoons  to each other by postal mail regularly.  I send articles and cartoons to my kids, family and friends and leave them  on my husband’s dresser as  well.  (Yes, I send emails with links as well, […]

Did you realize you were young? 2

When you were young, did you realize you were young? When I was young, I didn’t know I was young. I sometimes knew I was the youngest person in the room.  This happened often as I was growing up because I skipped Kindergarten and one grade in elementary school, so I was usually hanging with […]

The Father Lottery 5

Do you know who your father is? Bing . You get a point. Some people have no idea who their father is. Do you know if your father lives? Bing. You get a point. For many years, I didn’t know if my father was alive.   Did your father support you financially? Bing-Bing.  Two points. So […]

Father With Adult Son In Park


Silence/Words 1

Why silence? I go to silence first when the room has heated up.  Sometimes I’m in the room, completely.  Sometimes it looks like I’m there, but I’m really  far, far away not imagining a beach or a mountain with vistas on view but burrowed deep within to the kernel that is the essence of me.  […]

Switcheroo – try something new 5

If you can’t get what you want, could you learn to want something else? People do this every day. They make a new dream when they realize that an old dream isn’t being realized. Instead of having one goal that you focus on singularly, could you come up with a list of goals that you […]


Write on the Dot – Vol. III featuring me 2

A short story of mine has just been published in Write on the Dot: Volume III. It is available for free.  There was a launch party and reading by several contributors to the journal at the Harbor Gallery at UMass Boston last week. (Yes, I was one of the readers.)  The writers were rich in […]

Do. Doing. Done.

Do. Doing. Done.  Let me expound. Do What does s/he do?  Not what they say they’re going to do.  Not what you assume they’ll do.  Not what you want them to do.  Not what you think they’re capable of doing.  Not what they say they’ll do. Not, especially what you think they should do. Pay […]

Green reflection

Is that Me?

Is that me? Am I that impatient, pushy and stubborn? Yes. Yes. And No. Yes, I am impatient especially when I perceive there is a time limit (i.e., if everyone’s question is answered and this presenter or facilitator or tour guide doesn’t get going, we’ll run out of time before we complete this important thing […]

Receptionists who don’t receive 7

Has it happened to you?  You walk into an organization, agency or business and there’s a reception desk with someone sitting at it who does not greet or in any way acknowledge you.  (Sometimes the opposite happens, you get “received” within milliseconds of crossing the threshold but that’s not what this post is about.) At […]

Candelaria at ACT Roxbury

Just A Little Bit 3

For me, it is important to make a little movement. I cannot behave like a stick-in-the-mud even though that might be more comfortable.. I must make a little movement toward beauty or organization or balance or getting stuff done. I have to feel I’m making progress in my own little way. You may not even […]

Easter Memories – Thank you, Mom 9

My mother is central to my Easter memories.  She made Easter (and every other holiday) special in my life. I don’t know how she pulled it off. I don’t know if she enjoyed it.  I know there was a keen sense of duty among her and the other women in my family to do the […]

Mom -Nina-Candi-Glenn_edited

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Only one way 2

You know what you know but you don’t know what I know.Although you assume you do when you proselytize. Every day at the Ashmont T Station –there is a group handing out booklets about their religion.  A couple of days a week across from Dudley Station – two different preachers  proselytize.  On the #23 bus […]