Defining Blackness – Beyonce, Jamelia & Candelaria 2

Note: I posted this piece in 2009.  It bears repeating because of the recent brouhaha over Beyonce’s blackness.  It has never been in question for me. I loved the spoof about this on Saturday Night Live (see video at end of this post)  and I loved the rebuttal by recording […]

Domestic Situation poem & Poetry Out Loud 2

Some people have a “graveyard” love.  I heard this phrase in my youth and it stuck with me.  It was recounted in a story I read about a couple who couldn’t get along but wouldn’t leave each other alone.  There was violence as a result. The phrase recently came to […]

Did you already have your quiet? 4

A quiet moment.  Did you already have your quiet moment, month, year or decade? Did you recognize the peace, the calm, and incident-free period when it occurred? Did you feel it – fully? Did you congratulate yourself that your efforts were keeping everything in check?  Did you think, “That’s just […]


If it’s the thought that counts 2

If it’s the thought that counts, have the right thought.  Act like you know.  Act like you know me;  who I am, what I like, and how I roll. If it’s the thought that counts, how could you think that of me? I mean really.  Do you see who I […]

Give the dog a bone; cut the dude some slack

Give the dog a bone* Yield the right of way Cut the dude some slack Turn gently away (or toward) Give crazy stuff a break Speak up in support Make the referral Contribute:  your time, the funds   Say hello (whether or not they speak back) Acknowledge the effort Pay […]



Thanks to the nurse who… 2

I must say thank you.  Thank you because you touched me – one human being to another.Thank you to the nurse who was proactively kind and gentle with me during a recent biopsy.  She held my hand and rubbed my shoulder throughout the procedure.  I am so grateful that she […]