Just A Little Bit 3

For me, it is important to make a little movement. I cannot behave like a stick-in-the-mud even though that might be more comfortable.. I must make a little movement toward beauty or organization or balance or getting stuff done. I have to feel I’m making progress in my own little way. You may not even […]

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Easter Memories – Thank you, Mom 9

My mother is central to my Easter memories.  She made Easter (and every other holiday) special in my life. I don’t know how she pulled it off. I don’t know if she enjoyed it.  I know there was a keen sense of duty among her and the other women in my family to do the […]

Only one way 2

You know what you know but you don’t know what I know.Although you assume you do when you proselytize. Every day at the Ashmont T Station –there is a group handing out booklets about their religion.  A couple of days a week across from Dudley Station – two different preachers  proselytize.  On the #23 bus […]

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Extinction-level conversation 5

My Aunt Fannie once told me that the argument that led to her divorce from her first husband started about a glass of water  Thinking about this, recently, I found myself wondering if they realized when they started talking that day that they were having an “extinction level conversation” (ELC). I had an ELC, which […]

Why Are You Good? 3

My blog posts are inspired by snippets of conversations that I’ve had or overheard, close encounters of all kinds, observations of the same or similar things in quick succession, or ideas that have been simmering on a slow, back burner in my brain.  This post’s impetus was a recent conversation with someone close that brought […]

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How to stick to a job 2

Recently, I’ve had conversations with and about four youngish adults (all in their early thirties) and one fortyish adult who are not working. They are male and female.  All grew up in stable, solidly middle-class homes.  Some were reared by two parents, some were reared by single mothers, and all had extended family.   All but […]

Keeping Regular 1

A regular paycheck will motivate you to stay in a place that is horrible, oppressive, boring, snarky, ineffective, and soul-crushing.  A regular paycheck and benefits will cement you in place even if it elevates your blood pressure and has other negative health indicators. Even people who are aware that they are being crushed will hang-on […]

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Royal Gold Crown

Awarding Diversity

Awards are given to recognize work above and beyond the call of duty, beyond the usual. Right? The Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) has as the first definition: 1. Something given for achievement – something such as a prize that is given in recognition of somebody’s merit or achievement. Awards are given according to a […]

A Black Business Panel I’d like to see 1

Having recently attended panels that convened some of the usual presenters for businesses owned by Black (and other people of color) that were poorly realized because of their design, including having irrelevant and/or unprepared presenters,  I’ve been thinking a lot about the people who should be on these panels as well as about what I’d […]

Zen in the Unexpected

I’ve recently found tranquility in unexpected actions and moments.  I am grateful to have learned to recognize and savor these opportunities where I once would have rushed through them.  Hurry-hurry, getting nowhere. Ironing – Recently Ironing shirts and handkerchiefs for my husband, took me right back to my early adolescence.  One of my chores was […]


This is what I’ve observed:  that sometimes, most times the people who cut you are the closest to you, the ones you love, the ones who love you. Sometimes they cut you in anger. Sometimes they cut you in fear. Sometimes they cut you because you’re safe. Sometimes they cut you just because they can. […]