Being pissed off – A love choice

Some posts are published quickly after being written. Others sit for days, weeks, or even months. Usually written in anger or hurt or in quick response to something, by the time I set them down and re-read them, the impetus for their creation has lost its urgency and the urge […]


You don’t even know – the shadow self 3

You don’t even know who you think you know.  The shadow self exists. When the story first broke, Joyce Mitchell’s son spoke to reporters about his mother. He defended her and said: “She’s always been a good person. I mean, you can talk to anybody in Dickinson that really knows […]

Better grandmother than mother (I am) 10

I love being a grandmother.  (Love, love, love!) It is one of the roles I am gifted at because I am purposely embracing the role.  I am being the grandmother I wanted to have (which includes bits of the grandmother I actually did have.) I am a better grandmother than […]

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To Be Real – Thoughts about Rachel/Caitlyn/Laverne 3

“It’s got to be real. To be real. It’s got to be real.“ The chorus from Cheryl Lynn’s 1978 disco hit, To Be Real,  keeps running through my head as I think about Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who’s been passing herself off as a Black woman for quite a […]

What Can I Do for You?

Let me know what I can do for you.  This is a statement I received from several people recently after my husband’s stroke.  I feel blessed to have so many people who care and who want to help.  I have also found myself asking the same question recently to friends, […]