Searching…Searching…the Internet 6

Having always been an information and story aficionado (a more polite word than junkie), the Internet has become my go-to tool for getting information on everything (like just about everybody).  The Internet offers too much information; not always accurate information, often contradictory information, not even necessarily the best information,  but information that is useful, varied, […]

Here + There = Everywhere 1

We are all in this together.  What don’t we understand about this? We may all live differently in this world because of our individuality and our unique situations but we are still living on the same planet.   If the planet goes down, it won’t stop and let certain people get off first*.  Even if you […]

Tidy-widy, Uptight 2

I find myself in regular encounters with people who have tidy lives and are so far removed from my messy, over-wrought reality that we might as well be living on separate planets (except we aren’t…we are all in this together.)  I call them the tidy-widys.* They come from plenty even though some of them don’t […]

New Jim Crowth8FUZOFBR

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander 2

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (Copyright 2010, 2012 by Michelle Alexander, The New Press) There are books that hit you in your head and heart and make sense of things you’ve seen and felt but had not put together in the same way as the author. […]

My mother prays for me 7

For the first time in many years, I have seen my mother twice in the course of two months. (Yes, this is a sin and a shame and I am an asshole for allowing this to happen.) Usually I see her once a year, sometimes twice. Our first visit this summer was when she surprised […]


Will this keep my grandson safe? 7

I have an old acquaintance who types all of his emails in capital letters. They all begin, GREETINGS, and they are annoying. On the other hand, my two-year-old grandson, Tommie, speaks his greetings in capital letters that sound as if they should be bold, under-lined and painted a vivid ORANGE. “Hey, T-Pop,” he calls out […]

From the job boards – 5 1

I occasionally share interesting job postings, and my thoughts about them, on this blog.  Here is the latest crop. Tudor needed for college Oceanography (Perhaps the tutoring should start with learning to spell the word tutor.)  Sexual Misconduct Prevention Specialist This wins for most provocative title.  Description: The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Specialist reports to the […]

Blind Auditions – One tool to end discrimination in classical music at least

My mother is an article clipper and sharer, a practice she passed along to me.  We send articles and cartoons  to each other by postal mail regularly.  I send articles and cartoons to my kids, family and friends and leave them  on my husband’s dresser as  well.  (Yes, I send emails with links as well, […]

Did you realize you were young? 2

When you were young, did you realize you were young? When I was young, I didn’t know I was young. I sometimes knew I was the youngest person in the room.  This happened often as I was growing up because I skipped Kindergarten and one grade in elementary school, so I was usually hanging with […]

Father With Adult Son In Park

The Father Lottery 5

Do you know who your father is? Bing . You get a point. Some people have no idea who their father is. Do you know if your father lives? Bing. You get a point. For many years, I didn’t know if my father was alive.   Did your father support you financially? Bing-Bing.  Two points. So […]

Silence/Words 1

Why silence? I go to silence first when the room has heated up.  Sometimes I’m in the room, completely.  Sometimes it looks like I’m there, but I’m really  far, far away not imagining a beach or a mountain with vistas on view but burrowed deep within to the kernel that is the essence of me.  […]


Switcheroo – try something new 5

If you can’t get what you want, could you learn to want something else? People do this every day. They make a new dream when they realize that an old dream isn’t being realized. Instead of having one goal that you focus on singularly, could you come up with a list of goals that you […]