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Real Questions About Sex & Relationships for Teens:
A Discussion Guide for Parents

Images of sex and sexuality abound in the world of teenagers in the United States. Despite this abundance of images, frank and open conversations about sex and relationships between teens and their parents rarely happen.

Real Questions helps parents/caregivers to share their values and to give appropriate information about sex and relationships.

This 12-page booklet gives parents and caregivers:

  • More than 70 questions for both parents and teens
  • Advice on how to start discussing sex and relationships with teens.
  • What to do during the discussion, including establishing conversational rules.
  • Where to get additional information.

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Pushing Through Shyness:
Networking Tips when you’re shy, slow-to-warm-up, inexperienced or don’t feel you belong

Networking can be useful or a waste of time. It can be painful or it can be fulfilling. 
It can be drudgery or it can be delightful. You hold the key to what the experience is for you.

Pushing Through Shyness gives you tips and tools to work a networking event to your advantage. It is useful for novices and for professionals. The 9-page booklet is illustrated and printed on high-quality stock and would make a practical motivational tool or gift.

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Handling Rejection: An Inspirational Essay

Handling Rejection is an inspirational essay for people who face rejection during a 
job search, audition process, or anything else where you have to sell yourself and consequently face rejection. Nothing succeeds but a try and this essay will help you keep trying.

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Reader Feedback about Handling Rejection & Pushing Through Shyness

Lana (US) writes: “Your latest work is amazing! How did you know that I am shy? I thought it was a secret! I guess not… Send me a “promo” email so that I can forward to my network, because this should be in everyone’s tool box.”

Carolyn (US) text: “Kudos to you for Pushing Through Shyness. It is beautifully printed, (has) wonderful graphics, 
19 clear, tried & true techniques that I plan to use at my next event.”

Peggy (Australia) wrote: “The brochures are an extremely good idea for promoting your work. They are concise and “hit the nail on the head” for both subjects. These days people don’t like reading long winded articles that waffle on. Your articles keep the reader on track and gives excellent advice.”

Samantha (US) wrote: “Thank you so much for Pushing through Shyness. It seems as if it’s written for me. Enjoyed reading it prior to attending a meeting last Friday …and I’d love to think it helped. I know I’ll be reading it again and again and sharing it with others.”

Denise(US) wrote: “I could see young people in middle and high school using the pamphlet. Maybe METCO would be interested in marketing this to our young people and even their parents. I truly believe that understanding the dynamics of networking and that everyone experiences some insecurity in networking is as important in knowing how to write a cover letter or prepare a resume.”

Daren (US) wrote: “Your rejection essay it really meant a lot, the first half of this year has been really challenging (did I say really I meant REALLY!!!) your words help get us through. Thank you.”

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