From the Job Boards – 3

I look at job sites everyday both for myself and for a host of friends and acquaintances.  We’ve actually gotten jobs and gigs from these sites.  I’ve  noticed that the relationship of qualifications to salary, tasks to hours, or salary to tasks is questionable frequently.  Benefits?  These are shrinking and non-existent in the world of 20-30 hour per week jobs.

One of the best job titles ever: 

Administrative Assistant to the Canon to the Ordinary.

Provides superior administrative support to the Canon to the Ordinary; requires outstanding time management and organizational skills

(Don’t remember where I saw it but I had to save the title.)


POSITION SUMMARY: This position is currently a four-day-per-week position. The ideal candidate will have the interest and ability to increase to five days per week.  (Then 11 responsibilities are listed including the “an additional duties as assigned.”)

(They put the onus for moving from a 4 day a week position to a 5 day a week position on the candidate.  The reality is that they don’t want to offer the salary or benefits for full-time employment.  This reminds me of the plight of share-croppers in the South during the 20th century, no matter how hard they worked they would never earn their way out of bondage.  I suspect you will never work your way into a full-time job for this non-profit organization.)

Seen on Craig’s List – Boston:

We are looking for an Administrative Assistant to help with administrative and clerical support. Duties include: Handling confidential materials while maintaining discretion at all times and exercising good judgment; Assisting with the preparation and/or presentations for meetings, conferences, and special events; Assisting in maintenance of Facebook, Twitter, and website; Assisting with newsletter production and creating email announcements about upcoming events; Creating correspondence and taking meeting notes; Answering phone calls, retrieving voice mails, and replying to email inquiries; Assisting in the day-to-day operations of the …

Qualifications: Candidate should be a self-starter who can meet deadlines and proactively plan his/her work, highly motivated, and able to work well independently and collaboratively; Well organized and strong attention to detail; Proficient written and verbal communication skills.

Compensation: $10/hour

(Are you kidding me? All this rFor $10/hour?  At least they don’t ask for a BS – many AA jobs do these days –  and a pint of blood.)


We have established this unique and important new role to serve these two leading and growing creative organizations,  as the special assistant to…Principal and Executive Director/ as well as Partner…. This pivotal role will provide focused administrative and special project support to the visionaries who drive forward with innovation and guts. Thus we are looking for a vibrant, detailed, respectful, adaptable and fearless candidate to become a part of our team. This is a key position as the primary liaison for the Principals as they work seamlessly with their staffs and dance amidst multiple initiatives, complex projects and dynamic networks of partners, collaborators and client teams. This role will help them to keep the office running smoothly and orderly in a small, smart and nimble creative environment.

Be a part of our team inspired to achieve superior creative quality, maintain productivity and gracefully respond to clients’ needs – ‘Can-do’ attitude and proactive approach as a team player. Wear a lot of hats in our fun, positive environment, able to navigate everything from simple to complex . . . nuts and bolts to exciting . . . in a busy and ever-moving atmosphere – Bring energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. No salary is listed.

(In other words, never complain or questions or challenge or improve. And then the actual description of tasks begin.  Won’t burden you with those.  What a creative way to describe an Administrative Assistant.  If the employers describe themselves as visionaries and they want you to be vibrant and fearless, your alarm bells should go off.  DIVA/MEGLOMANIAC ALERT!  They are all that and a bag of chips organic, garlic and olive oil crisps!

Yet another Interesting Job: Teach Swordsmanship and Fencing
No sword experience necessary. We can teach you.

*****is looking for energetic, creative adults who would enjoy working with kids ages 4-16 teaching fencing, basic swordsmanship, or NERF games, and running exciting, interactive adventures that develop teamwork, creative problem solving, communication and leadership skills.

Must have previous experience working with kids and a love creative play. Teachers or college students interested in becoming teachers are highly encouraged to apply. Foil Fencing, Stage Combat, or Historical Sword experience is a plus but not required. We will teach you sword skills.

Must have a car (we are not near public transportation) and be available from 4-9pm some weekdays and 11am-6pm on Saturdays or Sundays.  Compensation is $10-$20/hr depending on experience and certifications you might have.

(Do you really want someone teaching kids how to use a sword with no previous experience? I think not!)

Even though I recently got an “up to 10-hour a week” gig to add to my “up to 20 hour a week” gig and other freelance work here and there,  I have become a regular reader of job postings.  It’s a kind of entertainment and a community service I provide to others.





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