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The Orange Pantsuit a tale of mentorship 18

Like many young adults, I was enthusiastic, energetic, and  naive.  So I went to my new job at the local public television station, all of 20 years old, in a bright orange, double-knit, bell-bottomed pantsuit.  I was looking  fly (sometimes you just know this about yourself). Mr. D, a plain-spoken, […]

You make me nervous  6

You make me nervous.  No, I get nervous.  No, I let you make me nervous. Some people make me nervous.  Sometimes I’m nervous around them, every time I’m around them.  I am basically holding my breath in their presence. Other people make me nervous only when specific topics or actions […]

From the job boards – 5 1

I occasionally share interesting job postings, and my thoughts about them, on this blog.  Here is the latest crop. Tudor needed for college Oceanography (Perhaps the tutoring should start with learning to spell the word tutor.)  Sexual Misconduct Prevention Specialist This wins for most provocative title.  Description: The Sexual Misconduct […]

How to stick to a job 2

Recently, I’ve had conversations with and about four youngish adults (all in their early thirties) and one fortyish adult who are not working. They are male and female.  All grew up in stable, solidly middle-class homes.  Some were reared by two parents, some were reared by single mothers, and all […]

Keeping Regular 1

A regular paycheck will motivate you to stay in a place that is horrible, oppressive, boring, snarky, ineffective, and soul-crushing.  A regular paycheck and benefits will cement you in place even if it elevates your blood pressure and has other negative health indicators. Even people who are aware that they […]