This meeting needs an enema 6

“This town needs an enema,” the Joker’s character played by Jack Nicholson says  in a Batman movie.  He  was referring to the town of Gotham.  While Boston may or may not need a cleanse, a lot of community meetings often do. My husband and I attended tonight’s meeting of the […]

Soul food in Boston 12

Soul Food in Boston…not.  A recent article in the Boston Globe, Savoring a healthier, revitalized soul food by Peggy Hernandez bothered me a bit.  Not because I’m not interested in healthier soul food (I am and do) but because of the fact that only one local restaurant cited in the […]

Roundup 4 – Books, Theater, and other pleasures

Stuff I Read: The Round House by Louise Erdich  One of the finest novels I’ve read by this supremely talented writer.  The novel is both mystery and coming-of-age story told through the 13-year-old protagonist’s eyes, which elevates the observation.  The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam JohnsonThis novel takes you into the […]