Po-Po-Poetry: Toi Derricotte – Cave Canem – National Poetry Month 2

This selection for National Poetry Month features Toi Derricotte and accomplished poet and champion of Black poets. She is co-founder of Cave Canem* – the seminal/critical/crucial support organization and network for Black poets. Black Boys Play the Classics – by Toi Derricotte The most popular “act” in Penn Station is the three […]

Po-Po-Poetry: James A. LaFond-Lewis (National Poetry Month) 2

My Celebration of National Poetry Month * – Po-Po-Poetry continues with this post featuring James LaFond-Lewis (Jim to me). I met the fine poet James LaFond-Lewis when he was a restaurateur in Boston.  He owned Mississippi’s in Kenmore Square, then in Brigham Circle and finally near Roxbury Crossing T-stop.  It […]

Grandchildren Underfoot and a Pig in the Cellar – writing journey

I had an essay published in the Boston Globe Sunday edition  last week.  The print title is “Two is company, three’s a crowd-pleaser.” The online title is Grandchildren Underfoot and a Pig in the Cellar.  It is about how my house has more than enough space for my husband and […]

A Black Business Panel I’d like to see 1

Having recently attended panels that convened some of the usual presenters for businesses owned by Black (and other people of color) that were poorly realized because of their design, including having irrelevant and/or unprepared presenters,  I’ve been thinking a lot about the people who should be on these panels as […]