Po-Po-Poetry – David Bickham – National Poetry Month

I met David Bickham about 18 years ago when he was living in Boston.  He promised me that he would get me to his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi one day to share my experience with cultural economic development.  We kept in touch over the ensuing years and he always contacted […]

No One Comes from Nothing _ Stop Saying This! 1

“I came from nothing.”  “S/he came from nothing.”  I hear this phrase applied or self-described regularly when someone who has made an achievement noteworthy enough to make the news recounts the journey.  It is a convenient sound bite and it drives me coo-coo plus it just isn’t true. Stop saying […]

Beauty Role Models – look around 3

Sorrow and incredulity rose in me as I watched a discussion recently on a local television show whose  panelists discussed a lack of role models for them as Black (and one Latino) women and then dissected the role models they mentioned.  They were discussing actors and singers as visual role […]

You don’t even know – the shadow self 3

You don’t even know who you think you know.  The shadow self exists. When the story first broke, Joyce Mitchell’s son spoke to reporters about his mother. He defended her and said: “She’s always been a good person. I mean, you can talk to anybody in Dickinson that really knows […]

Can I poet with you? 2

In honor of National Poetry Month (April) I will share poems that have touched me throughout the month. Following are the first two poems I remember being especially delighted by in high school.  They are  not the first poems I read but  both stuck with me because of their spare, […]