With Gratitude & Thanks

Give the dog a bone; cut the dude some slack

Give the dog a bone* Yield the right of way Cut the dude some slack Turn gently away (or toward) Give crazy stuff a break Speak up in support Make the referral Contribute:  your time, the funds   Say hello (whether or not they speak back) Acknowledge the effort Pay […]

Thanks to the nurse who… 2

I must say thank you.  Thank you because you touched me – one human being to another.Thank you to the nurse who was proactively kind and gentle with me during a recent biopsy.  She held my hand and rubbed my shoulder throughout the procedure.  I am so grateful that she […]

What Can I Do for You?

Let me know what I can do for you.  This is a statement I received from several people recently after my husband’s stroke.  I feel blessed to have so many people who care and who want to help.  I have also found myself asking the same question recently to friends, […]