H is for hair, D is for Deer, D is for Delightful in Dorchester 1

Perhaps being with a four-year-old for the past three weeks has made me hyper-aware but I’ve noticed some interesting things while my granddaughter has visited.

H is for Hair

Today, in the Post Office in Field’s Corner, I overheard a woman reciting a shopping list to her granddaughter who typed it into her phone. 

“Okay, I know we had to get a loaf of bread and a pound of cheese.  What else?”

“And lunchmeat.”

“Yeah, probably two pounds of lunchmeat.  Anything else?”

“I don’t think so,” the granddaughter replied as she began leaving the Post Office like she was in a rush to go.

“Oh, I know, girl you almost let me forget.  Hair.  I got to get us a yard of hair.”


A shopping list that includes hair – gotta love my people. 


D is for Deer

Last Saturday, also in Field’s Corner, but this time at the T station, my granddaughter and I were waiting on the outbound train to Ashmont when a woman on the inbound side shouted over, “Oh, my God, did you see that?  Is that a deer?  A deer just ran up the bus ramp!”

We looked behind us through the glass that separates the bus ramp from the train tracks and there it was – a deer.  We saw it running back and forth three times.  I fumbled and bumbled trying to get my camera but didn’t get it out of my purse in time to snap a photo.   A kid came barreling up the bike ramp in a way that showed he did it frequently and that he knew it was  off-limits to anything that isn’t a bus.  (Kids and deer it seems, don’t obey the T’s rules.)  I wonder if the kid got a big surprise on his way down the ramp.


You just never know where you’ll have a reindeer sighting. I know it was a reindeer because my granddaughter told me it had gotten lost by Santa and asked if the “policemens” who also came up the bus ramp would take the deer home. I assured her they would.


D is for Delightful and Dorchester

The Dorchester Day Parade on Sunday, June 5 was delightful especially when viewed through the appreciative eyes of a four-year-old.  We planted ourselves on a bench outside Ashmont Station and enjoyed the pageantry which included:

  • Horses

  • Bagpipes

  • Drummers

  • Chinese dragons

  • Politicians (lots of those)

  • Convertibles (lots of those)

  • Caribbean Carnival Costumes

  • Color Guard

  • JROTC from several high schools

  • Local Businesses and Organizations

  • Walking coffee and donuts from Dunkin Donuts

  • Worcester Sound & Lights Military Band Organ

  • People, people, people – a variety of faces from our human family.

  • A Living Sculpture

  • Oh, and clowns – lots and lots of clowns – who ranked 2nd only to the dancers in my granddaughter’s eyes.

The weather was sunny and beautiful and  the crowd buoyant.  It was all and all a delight in Dorhcester. Mark next year’s date in your calendar – 6/2/12.  (Next year, I think I will walk the route where it begins in Lower Mills to the end at Columbia Road.)


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