Money and thrift

The Hustle – Gypsy vs Uber 5

Uber, smuber.  The idea of having private cars provide taxi service is not new.  Uber and other similar companies, have just  put some organization around the concept.  I remember gypsy cabs. Have you ever taken a gypsy cab?  Do you know what a gypsy cab is?   Did you know they […]

Telling like it T-I-Is – Dr. Beverly Scott 6

Dr. Beverly Scott, who stunned Boston by announcing her resignation as General Manager of the Mass. Bay Transportation System or “The T” as we call it, is a refreshing public servant.  I tweeted on Monday about how much I liked her candor and the fact that she was not a […]

Keeping Regular 1

A regular paycheck will motivate you to stay in a place that is horrible, oppressive, boring, snarky, ineffective, and soul-crushing.  A regular paycheck and benefits will cement you in place even if it elevates your blood pressure and has other negative health indicators. Even people who are aware that they […]

A Cautionary Tale

I’ve become a cautionary tale to two people who are very close to me.  They have each told me that they are watching what is happening to me around money.  They say that they admire my pluck, resilience, and  seeming indefatigability at juggling and being creative in bringing in money. […]