Inventology: how we dream up things that change the world 6

What inspires people to invent things especially the inventions that are so obvious once they are created?  What inspires people who invent things that are not obvious – like the cell phone, the computer, or the 3D printer?  Can the curiosity and dogged determination of many of the inventors featured […]

Preaching to the choir – community meetings 6

There’s some serious smack going on in the world – real serious, deadly serious, but I’m not going to talk about any of it in this post; enough people already have this stuff covered.  Smack/stuff is all so overwhelming and huge that I’m staying in my tiny corner and being […]

You make me nervous  6

You make me nervous.  No, I get nervous.  No, I let you make me nervous. Some people make me nervous.  Sometimes I’m nervous around them, every time I’m around them.  I am basically holding my breath in their presence. Other people make me nervous only when specific topics or actions […]

Searching…Searching…the Internet 6

Having always been an information and story aficionado (a more polite word than junkie), the Internet has become my go-to tool for getting information on everything (like just about everybody).  The Internet offers too much information; not always accurate information, often contradictory information, not even necessarily the best information,  but […]

Pick up the Phone! 2

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a number of close encounters of the weird kind involving phones.  In my tiny part of the world, it seems that there is an aversion to answering a phone when it rings or making a phone call to communicate. Facebook messaging and texting have […]