Candelaria Silva

Searching…Searching…the Internet 6

Having always been an information and story aficionado (a more polite word than junkie), the Internet has become my go-to tool for getting information on everything (like just about everybody).  The Internet offers too much information; not always accurate information, often contradictory information, not even necessarily the best information,  but […]

Zen in the Unexpected

I’ve recently found tranquility in unexpected actions and moments.  I am grateful to have learned to recognize and savor these opportunities where I once would have rushed through them.  Hurry-hurry, getting nowhere. Ironing – Recently Ironing shirts and handkerchiefs for my husband, took me right back to my early adolescence.  […]


This is what I’ve observed:  that sometimes, most times the people who cut you are the closest to you, the ones you love, the ones who love you. Sometimes they cut you in anger. Sometimes they cut you in fear. Sometimes they cut you because you’re safe. Sometimes they cut […]

What Social Justice Means (to me)

Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need. National Association of Social Workers   Social justice encompasses economic justice. Social justice is the virtue […]