Friends whose family I can’t meet – racists in the family 25

Turns out I have friends who have racists in the family. About 30 or so years ago, I worked with a vivacious and gregarious woman (White) at Boston City Hospital right before it became the Boston Medical Center.  She was moving from Dorchester to a house she had in South […]

What Can I Do for You?

Let me know what I can do for you.  This is a statement I received from several people recently after my husband’s stroke.  I feel blessed to have so many people who care and who want to help.  I have also found myself asking the same question recently to friends, […]


This is what I’ve observed:  that sometimes, most times the people who cut you are the closest to you, the ones you love, the ones who love you. Sometimes they cut you in anger. Sometimes they cut you in fear. Sometimes they cut you because you’re safe. Sometimes they cut […]