The Inoculation Effect

The Inoculation Effect happens when a child, in disadvantaged circumstances, is guided through childhood by his/her parents to particular schools, churches, out-of-school programs, enrichment and other experiences that thereby protect and guide the child through the disadvantage.   Family stability and routines with clear and pronounced expectations of appropriate behavior and […]

Round up 3 (Delightful in Dorchester and…)

Stuff I Did: Attended Social Media Workshop sponsored by the Dorchester Artists Collaborative at the recently opened Erick Jean Center for the Arts.  The newly built 1,200-square-foot space has  a kitchen and gallery space and plenty of  room to host classes, performances, etc.  Located at 157A Washington Street near Erie Street, the building was […]

Be A Teacher

My grandmother, known as Mother, was a powerful woman who pushed the idea of becoming a teacher so forcefully as a goal for her children and grandchildren, that a lot of people in my family did become educators.  My mother, my three aunts, my uncle Floyd, my sister, Nina, my […]