How to stick to a job 2

Recently, I’ve had conversations with and about four youngish adults (all in their early thirties) and one fortyish adult who are not working. They are male and female.  All grew up in stable, solidly middle-class homes.  Some were reared by two parents, some were reared by single mothers, and all […]

The Inoculation Effect

The Inoculation Effect happens when a child, in disadvantaged circumstances, is guided through childhood by his/her parents to particular schools, churches, out-of-school programs, enrichment and other experiences that thereby protect and guide the child through the disadvantage.   Family stability and routines with clear and pronounced expectations of appropriate behavior and […]

More than One 4

One of the most important lessons we can teach our kids, particularly in their young adolescence, is the concept of more than one.  The more than one lesson must be repeated through the teenage and young adult years where it will hopefully be firmly implanted in their value system and understanding of […]