Being pissed off – A love choice 4

Some posts are published quickly after being written. Others sit for days, weeks, or even months. Usually written in anger or hurt or in quick response to something, by the time I set them down and re-read them, the impetus for their creation has lost its urgency and the urge […]

Blind Auditions – One tool to end discrimination in classical music at least

My mother is an article clipper and sharer, a practice she passed along to me.  We send articles and cartoons  to each other by postal mail regularly.  I send articles and cartoons to my kids, family and friends and leave them  on my husband’s dresser as  well.  (Yes, I send […]

Sun Music: The Sound of the Sun 3

File  this under  “I’m so proud.” I’m very proud my husband.   Check out the article written by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, Kenneth J. Cooper about Sun Music, a streaming radio station owned and managed by my husband, Tessil Collins.  SunMusic streams 24 hours on computer, tablet, phone, and Apple or Android mobile app. The article, […]