What I’m Reading – The Health Gap by Sir Michael Marmot 1

I’ve been reading some interesting books and so thought I’d start sharing specific books on a regular basis.  First up is The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World by Sir Michael Marmot, President of the World Medical Association.  I heard him speak on NPR and immediately bought this book. Rather […]

Thanks to the nurse who… 2

I must say thank you.  Thank you because you touched me – one human being to another.Thank you to the nurse who was proactively kind and gentle with me during a recent biopsy.  She held my hand and rubbed my shoulder throughout the procedure.  I am so grateful that she […]

You make me nervous  6

You make me nervous.  No, I get nervous.  No, I let you make me nervous. Some people make me nervous.  Sometimes I’m nervous around them, every time I’m around them.  I am basically holding my breath in their presence. Other people make me nervous only when specific topics or actions […]

Here + There = Everywhere 1

We are all in this together.  What don’t we understand about this? We may all live differently in this world because of our individuality and our unique situations but we are still living on the same planet.   If the planet goes down, it won’t stop and let certain people get […]