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Dr. Beverly Scott, who stunned Boston by announcing her resignation as General Manager of the Mass. Bay Transportation System or “The T” as we call it, is a refreshing public servant.  I tweeted on Monday about how much I liked her candor and the fact that she was not a political hack.  And then, on Wednesday, she announced her resignation after a meeting with the Department of Transportation.  Sigh – no – sigh is not a strong enough word for what I feel – Sob. - beverly scott

Instead of the Yankee Pablum, curated sound-bites, tomfoolery and/or smoke-and-mirrors that people in positions of power so often cloak themselves in here, she told the truth about The T it like it T-I-Is –no spin – “crisp and clean and no caffeine” as the old 7-up commercial used to brag.

How refreshing and unusual.

Dr. Scott took responsibility but not blame.  As she so deliciously spoke:

“I have been through hurricanes; I’ve been through World Trade Center bombings, tornadoes coming, 30 inches, 36 inches and all that, so this ain’t this woman’s first rodeo.”


Indeed she has 40 years of transportation experience.  She will work until April 11.  She will finally meet Governor Baker, who talked a bit of trash about her although they never met face-to-face.(Which he should have done.) That will happen today in a meeting that had been scheduled before her resignation.

Dr. Scott’s candor illuminated the T’s woes – aging trains bandaged together decades past their prime, outmoded power systems that can’t function in extreme weather, and chronic under-funding.  The politicians and voters have succumbed to the short-term reactionary behavior of budget cuts and lowest bidder contracting rather than taking action with money and long-term planning to provide the world-class service that the public (of all incomes) need and use to get to jobs, schools, stores, hospitals/clinics,worship, culture and entertainment.

Can’t someone else find a position that keeps Dr. Scott in Boston?  If not, she should certainly have a national stage as a commentator.This real woman, this sistuh has shown she is as full-of-fire as the imagined TV divas, Annalisse Keeting, Olivia Pope, and Cookie Lyon (and my Mom, Norma Jean with her gorgeous, authentic, educated but take no smack self).


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6 thoughts on “Telling like it T-I-Is – Dr. Beverly Scott

  • Denise Dabney

    So glad you blogged about Dr. Beverly Scott! Beverly Scott has been committed and positive throughout her tenure as head of the MBTA in attempting to make the transportation system work even though the transit system and infrastructure has not been adequately funded or supported by the legislature. It was unfair for Governor Baker (or the media) to attempt to scapegoat Dr. Scott for what clearly was beyond her or any one person’s control. I hope she lands in a place where she is respected and valued! LET’S COMMIT TO FIX THE T!

  • Carolyn

    THANK YOU! I had similar thoughts when I heard her speak and saw the target on her back when I heard the new Governor speak. I too am glad that she isn’t going to be the scape goat for this debacle. Thoughtful piece. Thank you.

    • Candelaria Silva Post author

      Thank you for taking time to comment. Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.” I’m glad we had Dr. Scott even if only for a short time.

  • Paul

    Thank you for your blog on Dr Scott. She sure tells it like it is. The T has been underfunded for years. The no new taxes are not working for Mass.We need a world class T to be a world class city. I wish Dr Scott would reconsider (wishful thinking).To be dragged threw the mud,was terrible.Like the comment before Dr Scott should be picked up by Federal Railroad Aminstraion,or some other federal administration.She would be a breath of fresh air!! Good Luck Dr.Scott!!