Domestic Situation poem & Poetry Out Loud 2

Some people have a “graveyard” love.  I heard this phrase in my youth and it stuck with me.  It was recounted in a story I read about a couple who couldn’t get along but wouldn’t leave each other alone.  There was violence as a result. The phrase recently came to […]

Roundup 4 – Books, Theater, and other pleasures

Stuff I Read: The Round House by Louise Erdich  One of the finest novels I’ve read by this supremely talented writer.  The novel is both mystery and coming-of-age story told through the 13-year-old protagonist’s eyes, which elevates the observation.  The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam JohnsonThis novel takes you into the […]

Wait for it, Wait for it* 3

Wait for it, Wait for it* Patience is a virtue, it truly is.  Sometimes, when I’m being wise, I know this.  I guess I had a wise moment over the holidays or perhaps I just so busy with work projects and the hustle and bustle of family, travel, cooking that […]