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Occasionally I share job descriptions I find while looking for work for myself and a number of friends who are un- or under-employed.  I’m amazed by some of what I see.  Here’s the latest.

Job One –    The first line of the description reads:

Independent contractor position dates: Mid-July through late October Applicants should be aware that this is an independent contractor position for a finite length of time. The applicant selected for this position will not be an employee and will not be eligible for any employee benefits.


In other words – we ain’t hiring you don’t get no ideas!

Job Two – This job is with a prestigious, Cambridge-based university.

CAREER ASSISTANT, Global Education and Career Development Center (part-time, 20 hrs/wk.), to join both the Global Education and Career Services teams. Study Abroad responsibilities include advising students on opportunities and application requirements; managing the Peer Mentor Program; coordinating and planning events, e.g., Go Global Fair, info sessions, predeparture orientation, and iFair; creating and distributing marketing materials; assisting with implementation of new marketing plan for all MIT global opportunities; collaborating with residence hall staff, students groups, and exchange students on informal programming; and handling special projects such as collecting and analyzing data and creating an online global learning community. Distinguished Fellowships duties include processing scholarship applications, planning and coordinating events, publicizing opportunities, and handling special projects as needed. Career Services work includes conducting brief drop-in meetings with students, providing resume and cover letter critiques and answering career-related questions, and conducting practice interviews.

REQUIREMENTS: excellent organizational, communication, and multitasking skills; strong professional interest in the fields of international education, study abroad advising, and career development; an interest in working with highly motivated students; flexibility; and initiative. Seek candidates who are working toward or already have a graduate degree in a related field.
Schedule includes working 3 to 4 days per week but must be available to conduct occasional weekday evening programming. A commitment of one academic year is required.

So what is the salary for this position?  Drum-roll please:  $14.50/hour
(This is not a typo, repeat, this is not a typo!  University – Puh-leeze.)

Job Three – Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for assisting with the scheduling and production of the orchestra’s concerts, rehearsals and special events, ensuring that they run smoothly, effectively, and in a financially responsible manner. Working with artistic leadership and senior management on development of concert programs, the operations manager then assists in implementing a plan to make them happen. Position requires knowledge of backstage production matters, such as securing of venues, arranging for equipment and negotiating contracts. Duties also include ongoing marketing and development projects.

Attends rehearsals and performances to help ensure that the orchestra is in compliance with contracts for services and guest artists. Interacts with Executive Director, Music Director, Treasurer, musicians, artist managers, and facility management. Position requires experience in arts management.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

General Operations: (Note – 11 tasks)
• Assist with general operational management/direction for all aspects of the organization.
• Record, file, and acknowledge contributions (with copies to be provided to the Treasurer).
• Adhere to the Symphony Nova budget in all aspects of planning and logistics.
management, in conjunction with the Treasurer.
• Work closely with Executive Director, Treasurer and other designated staff in long-range planning for the organization.
• Provide input for budgets on all production activities.
• Advocate on behalf of the Symphony Nova at community and cultural events.
• Assist in coordinating educational and retirement community concerts.
• Possibly recruit and manage at least one intern for Symphony Nova.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
• Serve as the primary email and phone contact for the organization.
• In conjunction with the Board President, oversee the scheduling and location of monthly Board Meetings, and take minutes at the meetings.

Concert Operations: (Note – 15 tasks)
• Arrange performance venues at the request of the Music Director and with the Music Director’s prior approval.
• Working in conjunction with the Executive Director, plan and administer all concert production activities of the orchestra, including facility and equipment rental, staging requirements, and other logistical arrangements.
• Maintain the content on the Symphony Nova website (a third party will manage the more difficult projects.)
• Communicate logistical needs to venue managers.
• Engage audio and/or audio-visual recording personnel for all concerts, subject to the Music Director’s approval, and supervises the production and distribution of the recordings.
• Communicate production details to all involved in the performance. Schedule and coordinate production meetings with staff and venues as needed.
• Provide a periodic summary of upcoming expenses to the Treasurer, including copies of contracts with vendors.
• Supervise orchestra setup for rehearsals and concerts and coordinate with Music Director regarding special setup requirements.
• For rehearsals and concerts, arrive backstage early to check all preparations, and inform orchestra personnel or stage technicians of any last-minute changes.
• Manage all ticket sales and box office functions.
• Coordinate and staff all front of house concert-day activities, including ticket sales.
• Ensure best possible physical working conditions for the orchestra in all situations.
• Serve as the emergency contact for musicians in case of emergency absence and is responsible for the procurement of a suitable and qualified replacement.
• Maintain appropriate cost controls while maintaining artistic integrity.
• Manage procurement of supplies, equipment, and services for operational purposes. Maintain inventories of property and supplies, making periodic checks of stock and reporting needs to the Executive Director and Treasurer.

Development: (Note: 5 tasks)
• Maintain data in the orchestra’s web-based development management system (Donor Perfect).
• Generate Acknowledgement letters.
• Work with the Marketing/Development Associate on strategy and planning for fundraising campaigns and concert promotion – online and direct mail.
• With the Marketing/Development Associate, prepare annual appeal materials, assemble and mail appeal letters.
• Assist with Ad sales: Solicit ad buyers for our program book.

Marketing: (Note: 2 tasks)
• Manage social media and email communications for the organization (Constant Contact, Facebook and Twitter).
• Create marketing pieces, including season brochure and program books, under the direction of the Executive Director. 


• Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s Degree preferred.
• Prior orchestral management experience preferred.
• Prior office experience in MS Office environment (Word and Excel).
• Self-motivated and able to work independently and under pressure.
• Ability to work in a team environment.
• Ability to maintain an excellent relationship and communications with the Board of Directors.
• Ability to respect and maintain the confidentiality of the Orchestra’s finances, operations and proprietary information.
• Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Good customer service skills and professional manner.
• Knowledge of classical music preferred.
• Knowledge of Adobe CS5 Suite or other Graphic design program, a plus.
• Minimum 2-3 year commitment preferred.  


So what’s the salary for this position?  Another drum-roll please:  $13-$14/hour, commensurate with experience.  Really?  Really?  How could the person who created this description really write that salary down seriously.  The sad part is, they’ll have several candidates vying for the job. 


Job Four – Another music-related opening


Greet and serve guests in the Beranek Room, the members-only donor lounge of the ***Development Office. Ensure the Beranek Room is ready, clean and prepared when the Hall opens. Regular assigned hours are from two hours prior to all ***subscription season concerts and until all room guests have departed after the concert. Additional hours may be requested to assist with Beranek Room gatherings outside of the regular assigned hours. Specific Duties: – Work with Boston Gourmet, the in house caterer, to maintain inventory of beverages and snacks. Regular communication of needs through inventory ordering form. – Observe bars for stock and cleanliness. – Prepare food trays in advance of door opening and when the room is open, serve food (Fridays only) and guests’ beverage selection. – Greet the guests and assist them with their coats and packages, placing them in the coatroom and retrieving them when the guests are ready to leave. Set up and clean up room, including moving tables and chairs as needed, setting out and putting away flowers, folding tables and chairs and cleaning up snacks, beverages, and used service items such as cups, glasses, etc. – Train assistant as needed to assist with duties of the room – Coordinate maintenance needs for the room – Coordinate special needs for the room, including photographs and other needed materials – Refrain from personal conversations with the guests. – Maintain total discretion and respect for the confidentiality of all conversations between guests. Note: Drinking of alcoholic beverages while on duty is absolutely not permitted.  


Excellent manners and a warm, courteous, and professional demeanor. – Responsible and dependable who can commit to working all ***subscription concerts – Comfort in working with high-level clientele. – Prior experience in a similar position of patron service recommended. – A general knowledge of the *** and its programs.

Salary: OPEN


Don’t talk to the rich people!  Don’t speak to the talk people!  Got it?


Job 5 – A receptionist position:
The ideal candidate must be able to work 9 am – 7:30pm Monday-Thursday, 9am – 5pm Friday.

Isn’t this more than 40 hours per week?  I thought that was illegal.  There’s no mention of over-time here.  I keep noticing positions whose hours add up to way more than 40 hours per week.

At my last big job my boss said once to one of my staff members, “You and Candelaria can work on the weekends if you like, I don’t.”  Probably because the rest of us did in order to get the work she assigned us done.  Witch.

It’s hard out here for the unemployed. 

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2 thoughts on “From the Job Boards – 4

  • edwins

    As far as I can tell the promise of “to get a good job you need a good education” died as soon as greater numbers of women and people of color and low-income whites got that coveted education.

    When a college education was largely a white male old boy network the system worked in the old time honored way

    However, after the first wave of A- Better-Chance, BEOG, EOP, affirmative action and low income whites passed through the wrought iron gates of higher learning (approx 1972 – 1984) and the Old Guard saw their stronghold weakening things started to change and change quickly.

    By 1988 college students with classes comprising significantly more women and people of color, saw their hard won degrees costing more and being worth less in the marketplace.

    The late 80’s was also time of the rise of Sallie Mae cracking down on loan repayment I cannot tell you how many cocktail parties I have attended where monied (white) professionals have boasted among themselves (yes I was the only person of color in the room) about how they walked off from their sizable student loans made in the 70’s and early 80’s with zero repercussions.

    I might be off base with my analysis but it is something to think about.

  • Candelaria

    Salient points all.  I also have read somewhere that recruiters are requiring degrees as a way of screening out applicants (to say nothing of zip codes).  A lot of what’s going on with hiring processes is dishonorable.  The non-profit world where I’ve spent the bulk of my career pays low but is increasingly asking for higher credentials.  Some quarters treat a bachelor’s as if it’s a high school diploma.  I also suspect that because so many people are poorly educated, requesting a master’s might be a way of trying to ensure that applicants have writing and analytical skills that people with good high school educations possess.
    Thanks for taking the time to make such thoughtful and thought-provoking comments.