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Yesterday I wrote and wrote and wrote so much that I never got around to adding to my blog.

One of the first emails I received today was great news from a former colleague and friend.  I’d written to her last week to check in.  She’d written me back to update me on her new job and what was going on.  As I was replying to her trying to come up with a date for dinner, I noticed she’d written a new email.  She won $250k in the lottery and was one number short of winning several million dollars.  Good for  her.  I’m so glad I wrote her last week instead of putting it off.  If I had waited to write her next week, it may have looked like I was writing her just because I heard she’d won some money.

This illustrates one of the lessons that I’ve learned and mostly try to follow – do it when you think it.  I have found that if I go grocery shopping when I plan to and don’t keep putting it off – I beat the snowstorm, deluge of rain, or am prepared when people stop by unexpectantly and I need to whip up some grub.  If I wait – I’m schlepping through the snow with every one else or trying to perform a miracle with a little bit of nothing.  I guess the cliché exists because it is true and wise:  Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today.

Some people, like my friend, have money luck.  Some people have beauty luck.  Some people are lucky in love.
I have one friend who has travel luck.  She frequently gets to travel to wonderful places on someone else’s dime.

I am trying to have faith in the universe that I will get the “luck” I am working toward and get my books published.  I certainly stepped out on faith in quitting my job with nothing lined up.  I do believe that I will find work that will sustain me while I pursue the life-long dream of publication.

Back to the friend with money luck.  One of the things I know about her is that she doesn’t worry about money. She always feels that she will be well provided for. She doesn’t want moeny to be a worry for her and it hasn’t been.  It’s funny that of all the friends I have, several of whom are truly living on the edge and are in financial despair, she’s the only one who has attracted big money (and this has happened to her at least twice since I’ve known her).  Sometimes it’s hard to understand the ways of luck and I have always struggled to understand the ways of money.  Money is a human construct that only exists because we’ve chosen to believe in it.


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