Temptation in Dorchester 3

Recently, two new temptations in Dorchester have appeared, testing my will and vying for my money. 

The first temptation is the new Sea Breeze Mexican Grill, a small affair with delicious food that I visited last week.  Compounding the deliciousness of the sea food is the fresh-squeezed lemonade made- to- order.  The café is on the path of one of my regular walks so it will be hard to resist.  It’s small, clean, has large windows, and attentive service –  a perfect place to while away a bit of time.  Sigh.

The second temptation is the new Home Goods store in the Field’s Corner Mall, which opened on May 5th.  I have been to Home Goods several times over the past few years but always in distant environs.  Now that it has landed a short 22 minute walk from my house, two train stops away on the Red Line, a mere 7 minute drive, and quite near the Post Office that I frequent, I have to figure out how to armor up against this convenience.  It goes without saying that  I have to support it.  I want it to succeed.

As true shoppers know, Home Goods, like its sister stores of  Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, gets new stock daily and so you have to go a lot to find that special thing you’re looking for.  Meanwhile, certain stalwarts like linens, lamps, picture frames, etc., are waiting to be browsed.  Turns out, everything I bought 7 1/2 years ago when I moved into this house is screaming to be replaced and so I have good reason to visit.

How wonderful to have these stores in my ‘hood!  When I lived on Dorchester’s gorgeous Wellesley Park, a stone’s throw away from the mall, I used to go to my beloved Bradlees store there.  I never would have imagined that this mall, which was going down then, would have been refurbished and reinvested in to the point that it could attract a Home Goods store (and before it the A.J. Wright).

The Field’s Corner Mall is a mall with something for all of the folks in Dorchester – all incomes, backgrounds and taste.  You got your grocery store, liquor store, dollar store, Payless, and now Home Goods. It is a multicultural hub with the adjacent Blarney Stone being a wonderful place to stop in for some delicious food or to imbibe.  I never even thought to go in the Blarney Stone in the mid-80s when I lived on Wellesley Park.  Changes, positive changes continue to happen in Dorchester.

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