Do You and Your Mate, Lover, Spouse do Couple-y Things? 2

I didn’t do any of it in high school. I didn’t do any of it in college. I didn’t do any of it in my first marriage.

The “it” is those “we’re a couple” moves that some couples do. I wouldn’t say that their old school but I’m not sure how much they are in favor now. You know:

  • Wearing matching outfits or, the less gag-worthy, wearing the same colors.
  • Sending a Christmas greeting card emblazoned with a photo of my husband and me.
  • Getting an annual couple portrait.
  • Having pet names.

I never did any of that sort of thing in previous relationships. Suddnly,  I got the urge; that lovey-dovey feeling came over me on the 4th of July. My husband and I were heading up to Maine with our favorite cousins-couple and, as I was picking out what to wear, I realized I had a shirt that was the same color green as one I’d just brought back for him from a trip to visit our granddaughter.

He had selected an orange shirt to wear. So, I ironed both shirts (yes, I’m an ironer) and hoped he would notice my green top and pick the green shirt. He even asked me if I’d like him to wear the green shirt.

“That would be nice,” I grinned.

He gave me one of his “oh, puh-leeze” smirks.

I, ever optimist, just knew he was going to indulge me this tiny, little thing.

I finished dressing as he was heading to the shower. When he came downstairs, he had on the orange shirt. He said it was because he realized he’d have to change his shorts and they weren’t ironed.

It was really because he didn’t want to be all matchy-matchy, lovey-dovey, saccharine-sweet couple-y.

My feelings were hurt for a minute. I got over it – even though our cousins were dressed similarly in athletic wear. (A fact my husband noticed and mentioned.)

I’m here to tell you and him, that while I don’t know what made the desire to wear matching shirts come up in me; I do know that it will happen. It would be nice for us to be co-OR-dinated as the comedian John Witherspoon pronouces it  in one of his famous routines.
(Private message: Darling, what you resist, persists. I am patient and persistent. The matching outfits will be happening.)

So, to all you couples out there – do you do couple-ly things? Holla.
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2 thoughts on “Do You and Your Mate, Lover, Spouse do Couple-y Things?

  • Jim

    No, never. Once in a while by accident, but truly not matchy, matchy. Yicck…it makes me feel like an unwilling twin.

    As for you, I think you’ve got your work cut out for you. It’ll have to be a clandestine maneuver; you’ll have to dress after him. For the women I grew up with that is almost an impossibility.