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The email jumped out at me.  I knew the writer.  She’d purchased my booklet, Pushing through Shyness and had written me about it.  I gulped – many people purchase, not many people give any feedback at all (including my siblings but that’s another post).  I proceeded to read the following.

Thank you very much for your booklets.   Your tips were really goodstrategies for connecting with people yet still leaving one with a sense of control. I have actually tried introducing myself to strangers (which I usuallydon’t) and was very successful.  I now carry a few business cards with me and feel ready if anyone wants to get in contact with me.   I review your booklet before going  out to events to refresh my memory on the tips.  This makes it like fun.  Thanks again. (Susan T.)

A writer couldn’t receive a better quote.  I so respect her as an artist and human being and had no idea that she was shy until we started talking and she told me she was sorry she missed a workshop I’d facilitated for the Dorchester Artis Collaborative about networking.  That’s when I told her about my booklet.

My booklets are written to inspire, inform and offer practical tips and so, at least for her, I succeeded.

Here are some other testimonials I’ve received about my booklets.  Please indulge me in sharing.

About Real Questions about Sex & Relationships for Teens: A Discussion Guide for Parents:

Eileen  wrote: “All so relevant…and was especially impressed by Real Questions…so necessary and yet so difficult.  I was thinking that I never really asked the hard questions of my kids when they were growing up.  I thought buying condoms was the answer. If I had this booklet then, it would have made conversations easier.  Great job.”

About Handling Rejection:

Daren wrote: “Your rejection essay it really meant a lot, the first half of this year has been really challenging (did I say really I meant REALLY!!!) your words help get us through. Thank you.”

About Pushing through Shyness: Networking Tips when you’re Shy, Slow-to-Warm-Up, Inexperienced or Don’t Feel that you Belong:

L. Jackson wrote: Your latest work is amazing! How did you know that I am shy? I thought it was a secret! I guess not…  Send me a “promo” email so that I can forward to my network, because this should be in everyone’s tool box. 

C. Jackson texted: “Kudos to you for Pushing Through Shyness.  It is beautifully printed, (has) wonderful graphics, 19 clear, tried & true techniques that I plan to use at my next event.”

Peggy from Australia wrote:  “The brochures are an extremely good idea for promoting your work. They are concise and “hit the nail on the head” for both subjects.  These days people don’t like reading long winded articles that waffle on.  Your articles keep the reader on track and gives excellent advice.”

Denise wrote: “I could see young people in middle and high school using the pamphlet.  Maybe METCO would be interested in marketing this to our young people and even their parents.  I truly believe that understanding the dynamics of networking and that everyone experiences some insecurity in networking is as important in knowing how to write a cover letter or prepare a resume.”

This feedback is so important and encourages me to keep publishing my work.  My next big publishing assignment is to get my first novel for teens published.  There are children’s books in the pipe-line and another of the booklets.

Thank you to those who took the time to give me feedback about my publications.  In the coming weeks I will do a survey and send to all of my customers but, in the meantime, wanted to share this positive feedback with you. (I don’t have any negative feedback – yet.)

BTW – Both Real Questions and Pushing through Shyness are in their second print runs!  How exciting is that!  (Note to TC: You were right!)


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About Candelaria Silva

Candelaria Silva-Collins is a marketing, community outreach and programming consultant; writer; and trainer/facilitator who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She has designed and facilitated workshops on a wide variety of topics including communication, facilitation, job search skills, team building, and parenting issues. She currently coordinates the Community Membership Program of the Huntington Theatre Company. Her work as Director of ACT Roxbury was profiled in several publications, including The Creative Communities Builders Handbook. Candelaria’s children’s stories, short stories, essays and reviews have been published in local and national publications and she is an active blogger. Her publications include the booklets, Handling Rejection; Pushing through Shyness: Networking Tips when You’re Shy, Slow to Warm Up or Just don’t Feel you Belong; and Real Questions about Sex & Relationships for Teens: A Discussion Guide for Parents. She has served on the boards of Goddard College, Wheelock Family Theatre, Boston Foundation for Architecture, and Discover Roxbury. She is currently Chair, Designators of the Henderson Foundation.

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